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Cargo Supervision

Our skilled surveyors work around the clock to ensure your cargo is safe and secure at every step of your transport operation.

Cargo Sampling

Accurate lab results require samples of the highest quality. By taking samples at quick intervals, we ensure that our bulk samples represent the cargo as well as possible.

Draft surveys

In the absence of reliable shore scales, draft supervision can provide an adequate solution.

Hold Condition Surveys

By carefully establishing the exact condition of the ship’s holds, we can help you to determine if the holds are suitable for loading of the scheduled cargoes.

Pre-shipment surveys

A pre-shipment survey excludes if your cargo is already damaged or affected before loading and shipping.

Ultrasonic leak detection

The ingress of water through leaking hatch covers is the main cause of cargo damage and following claims.

Tally survey

Navonus can take care of your tally survey through the ARAG region. We perform cargo tallies by recording the total quantity during loading or discharging.

Other logistics solutions

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