Our Profile

Located in the heart of the shipping business, Navonus is a privately owned and independent port agency and cargo survey company all rolled into one.

Cargo Survey

Navonus offers first rate cargo supervision around the clock. Our tightly-knit team of surveyors has nearly a century of combined experience. The objective here is, above all, to safeguard and guarantee the quality of the product. The company’s competence is deeply rooted in the GAFTA, FOSFA, and ISO 17020 accreditations and recommendations. Navonus issues the necessary certificates and dispatches samples to laboratories. Our survey department also helps you with logistical solutions and contracts.

Green Award

In 2019 Navonus joined the Green Award Foundation as a proud Incentive Provider. The Green Award program promotes cleaner and safer shipping for maritime shipping since 1994. All over the world there are ships and shipping companies certified by Green Award in the field of quality, safety and environment. Via our membership we want to improve the environmental and safety performance of our organisation. Green and safe shipping is the future!

Port Agency

Navonus Agency offers a complete and high-level support in ship agency and other maritime activities. We are experienced with all types of cargo where we aim to protect the interests of ship-owners, operators, receivers and charterers. During the vessel’s port call, we pursue the vessel’s operational efficiency 24/7 with a cost saving policy. Although our modern port-call software manages all tasks on one single platform, our goal is to provide an old-fashioned agency service. Navonus aims to offer the captain and his crew a good local service to make their stay as comfortable as possible.