Valliantie Chartering

Valliantie Chartering offers tailor-made solutions for its customers by focusing on the niche market of carrying non-hazardous products with extraordinary properties.

In-house knowhow

Valliantie Chartering is able to make the impossible possible. Thanks to in-house technical knowhow and cooperation with specialized businesses, liquids that were not shipped before can now be transported across inland waterways. On these occasions the cargo section is fully adapted to the properties of the products.


Valliantie Chartering has chartered a considerable number of barges via Maaskade Bevrachters BV to customers, on which occasions the barges shuttle between loading and unloading locations with special products.


Day in day out we carry non-hazardous liquid cargoes with our fleet of more than sixty double-walled tanker barges. The barges have been designed especially for the transport of the products and vary in size from 400 to 3,000 tons. You can see our barges with their experienced crews moor everywhere.